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Board of directors

The Board of Directors of SEB S.A. is a collegiate body representing all the shareholders and acting in the interest of society and the group. The Board rules on the group's strategic directions and deliberates on management structures and external growth transactions. It also carries out the controls and checks that it deems fit. It is informed of the course of business and performance of the group as well as trends in the market and competitive environment at its meetings.

The Board was composed of 14 Directors with four-year terms: the Chairman, Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, six Directors representing the family group, four Independent Directors (consistent with the Afep-Medef Corporate Governance Code), one Director representing Employee shareholders and two Employee Directors.

The diversity of the Directors and their complementary fit (retail, communication and finance specialists, directors of French and international companies, Group employees) bring the Board an extended vision underpinned by their respective expertise.

  • 14 members
  • > 1/3 independent directors
  • 45% of women

Charter and internal rules of the Board of Directors

Charter and I.R. of the Board of Directors