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The central role of the circular economy in sustainable innovation


Giving a second life to products

In the United States, our All-Clad brand has been committed to the circular economy through an original service since 2015. It offers its catering clients second-hand frying pans reconditioned at the Canonsburg plant. Collected from chefs, All-Clad frying pans are disassembled, cleaned, and restored to their initial form, brushed and then polished, coming out like new but at half the price. This repair system limits environmental impact by reducing energy consumption by 95%. The Encore range has gained the support of numerous chefs.


Recycling for reuse

In Europe, the collection and processing of small household appliances are handled by national environmental bodies. In France, we are involved with Éco-systèmes, the main environmental body for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

No specific sector exists yet for frying pans, sauce pans and stewing pots. Consequently, we committed in 2012 to initiating a cookware recycling sector, in collaboration with Éco-systèmes and mass-retail brands. As a result, consumers can now drop off their old products in stores and obtain a reduction coupon in exchange. In 2016, 1,280 hypermarkets took part in the scheme, which has served to sort and recycle some one billion cookware items since 2012.

We have launched similar initiatives in other countries, including the Netherlands, Thailand, Belgium, and the Nordic countries.