Groupe SEB seeks to develop and gain the loyalty of its shareholders by leading a proactive policy on dialogue and information. The relationship of trust between Groupe SEB and its shareholders is built over the long term and nourished on a daily basis by providing these last with clear and continuous information and regular contact.

Becoming a Groupe SEB shareholder demonstrates strong commitment and stands as a sign of trust for the company. A stable shareholding structure over time is a key component of a long-term strategy.








You can buy shares either through the intermediary of UPTEVIA or via your bank :

shareholders space


Registered shareholding provides you with better knowledge of our shareholders and favors direct contact.

There are two ways of holding shares:

  • Pure registered shares: Your shares are registered under your name or an account held by UPTEVIA, which conserves and manages them free of charge (excluding fees relating to stock market transactions, see details below). Groupe SEB has appointed UPTEVIA to manage Groupe SEB shareholders' register (previously named "BNP PARIBAS securities services).
  • Managed registered shares: Your shares are conserved and managed by your financial intermediary on your regular securities account. They are also registered in our register held by UPTEVIA. UPTEVIA does not have the capacity to update your information or operate on you account, only your bank may do.


This form of holding is the only recommended in the case of a french PEA (Stock savings Plan)

  • If you are a registered registered shareholder and wish to transfer your shares in pure registered form, please complete this form and transfer it to your bank.
  • If you are a bearer shareholder and wish to transfer your shares in registered in administered registered form, we invite you to contact your bank (custody fees may be applied).

No custodian or management fees (pure registered shares)

For example, a pledge, as a guarantee for a loan or a banking overdraft; Gifts and successions: the creation of pure registered accounts for all rights holders and estate transfers (loyalty bonus deferred for shares held on a pure registered basis).

Loyalty bonus

= 10% of the dividend for all shares held on a pure registered basis for over 2 years

Attribution of a double voting right at the Annual General Meeting

For each share held on a registered basis for 5 consecutive years

Groupe SEB products at advantageous prices

Order online at:
Several special offers (Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.) are available via this site throughout the year. The delivery of ordered products is free and can be delivered either at home or in a relay point. This offer is limited to shareholder living in Mainland France (France métropolitaine).

Reduced brokerage fees (pure registered shares)

0.30% excluding tax with a minimum of €6.10 excluding tax and a flat-fee bank commission of €7.62 excluding tax

A special website for checking your account and carrying out transactions 24-7 (pure registered shares)
After obtaining your username and password, you can connect to the secure site and access all the items relative to your shares (record of transactions, valuation of your portfolio, online market orders, tax situation checks, etc.)

Updated portfolio statement on February 15 of each year (pure registered shares)

Your statement is updated and split into several lines so that you can monitor the age of your shares according to registration date.

Bespoke information at home

Systematic convocation to the Annual General Meeting, business activity and sustainable development report, shareholder newsletter, invitations to shareholder meetings.

For pure registered shareholders only: A team of advisors at your disposal: UPTEVIA

Available Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm (Paris time)

Handling of the custody and management of your securities (double voting right, loyalty bonus right, convocation to the Annual General Meeting, payment of dividend and bonus, gift, succession).
Phone: 0826 109 109 or from abroad (+33 1 55 70 40 57 (0,15€ TTC/min)
Web :
Fax: 33 (0)

Privileged contact: Your SEB Shareholder Department

Information relating to shareholders' event holding form and advantages.
Phone: 33 (0) 4 72 18 16 01
Email :




Registered shareholders can access all the information about their registered account in their dedicated space ("Planetshares").

Feel free to contact us with any questions by:

  • telephone on 33 (0) 1 or from abroad +33 155 70 40 57
  • web:


As a registered shareholder, you benefit from access to our merchant website at preferential rates. Groupe SEB will create your account directly. The creation of your account will be carried out by Groupe SEB directly. If you hold your shares on administered registered form, we invite you to contact Groupe SEB customer Department ( informing them of your status as an "administered registered shareholder" and providing them your e-mail adress necessary for sending your identifies (banks do not provide us with this information. Your identifiers will be sent within 2 months.


Find out about our new selection and benefit today from:

  • Groupe SEB products: a selection of some 500 items
  • Preferential prices
  • Regular promotions
  • If you have any questions about your order, please contact our mail order customer service at the following address:

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Using the form at your disposal: fill out the form and send your instructions to the SEB Securities Department:

  • By post to the following address:

BNP PARIBAS Securities Services
Grands Moulins de Pantin – Service des Emetteurs
Service Titre SEB
9, rue du Débarcadère
93761 PANTIN CEDEX – France

  • By fax on the following number: +33 (0) 1 55 77 34 17
  • Download the document:
    • Already a pure registered shareholder
    • A new pure registered shareholder

Transmission time:

BNP Paribas Securities Services processes the request after checking assets for sales orders within two hours after reception by post or fax if received by BNP Paribas Securities Services before 3:30 pm (Paris time, trading day).
After this time, and when NYSE Euronext Paris is closed, the request is processed by BNP Paribas Securities Services no later than 11:00 am (Paris time) on the following trading day.

Find out more

(Excerpts from the general terms and conditions of BP2S on the back of the sales order)
Cost of a transaction for the shareholder:

  • Preferential brokerage rate: 0.30% of the transaction amount (minimum €6.10 excl. tax).
  • Flat-rate banking fee : €7.62 excl. tax
  • VAT on broker fees : 19,6%



To gain a global view of its shareholders, Groupe SEB every year sends a request to Euroclear France, notably on December 31, to obtain the list of its bearer shareholders and their contact details (identifiable bearer shares, or IBS).

On the basis of the IBS results, bearer shareholders the following year may receive ad hoc communications (Shareholder Newsletter for example).


In order to benefit from the advantages offered to registered shareholders, bearer shareholders have the possibility of transferring their shares to pure or administered registered shares (see the section “THE BENEFITS OF BEING REGISTERED”).