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Food and environment: let children teach us



A program fostering the dietary education

of disadvantaged children in eastern São Paulo.

According to the Brazilian Health Ministry, only 30% of the population eats enough fruit and vegetables a day, leading to major health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Mindful of this growing problem, Groupe SEB Brazil has made it a central topic of its CSR policy since 2012.



CARE Brazil has successfully developed a participative and inclusive educational program on the environment and healthy diets. In three years, thanks to the financial support of Groupe SEB Brazil and the Foundation, 350 children from ten schools in São Paulo have been trained and in turn raised the awareness of over 3,600 pupils and their families.

Cooking workshops with products donated by Groupe SEB Brazil, together with "Quality of Life" workshops led by employees in São Paulo et São Bernardo do Campo, have also been organized.

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