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Innovation strategy

Innovation as a creator of value

Innovation at Groupe SEB is part of a virtuous circle. A source of progress and satisfaction for our consumers, it creates value for our retail customers and enables us to generate profitable growth so that we can continue to invest and design new products and original solutions.

Our innovation draws on market trends and consumer expectations, as relevant innovation is all about launching the right product in the right place at the right time.

And to supplement internal expertise at the service of innovation, we develop partnerships with large companies, research centers, schools and universities.

  • 1500 people Innovation Community
  • 3.3% of sales reinvested in Innovation
  • 436 patents filed

Our global organization structure

Worldwide, our innovation strategy is underpinned by:

  • 2 dedicated global innovation hubs (Small Domestic Appliances and Cookware) bringing together key players in innovation
  • special "business line" research centers (cookware, electrical cooking, home, linen and personal care)
  • cross-cutting innovation hubs focused on key technologies including sensors, robotics, smart systems and energies
  • design and development offices located at industrial sites
  • Our teams are structured by business line and product line