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A key pillar of our strategy, innovation is written into our DNA and remains deeply rooted in our culture. Innovation is one of the five essential values of our Group at the service of better living together.

From the creation of our group, we have endeavored to bring consumers innovative products that make their everyday life easier and contribute to their well-being. Besides product innovation, we also develop new services to anticipate their aspirations.

A true growth driver, innovation is part of a virtuous circle that serves to reassert our leadership position in the market:

Politique d'innovation


A new era opening up new possibilities 

Innovations today are based on digital technology, with connected products as well as services that improve consumer's daily lives.

Connected products  

In terms of products, Groupe SEB's new connected devices provide more customization, efficiency and immediacy.

  • With Cookeo Connect by Moulinex, users can complete their recipes and manage them directly via their tablet or phone. 
  • Seb's Actifry Smart XL marks a turning point in the Actifry story by accompanying users in the preparation of meals through an app.
  • Réveil Café by Tefal is the new morning coffee ritual: thanks to an extremely simple and intuitive mobile application, it works as an alarm cook and starts making coffee at the same time
  • Latte Smart by Krups, a smart coffee machine that can be used to prepare coffee recipes with the help of an app and record them for later.  
  • Tefal's Cooking Connect, connected kitchen scales connected to a recipe app.
  • i-Companion, a connected version of Moulinex's Cuisine Companion cooking food processor.

Customized web services  

In terms of services, the group today is going beyond the object in itself. It includes services, tips and recipes, notably through connected services that provide more customization, efficiency and immediacy. Harnessing digital technology, we are proposing new consumption experiences, each one more complete and customized than the last.

Our innovation processes:

Because relevant innovation consists above all in launching the right product in the right place at the right time, we work as closely as possible with consumers to better gauge their expectations. 

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Our innovation is also underpinned by human resources with particularly rich and diverse skills. The breadth of our activities calls for a highly extended expertise set including more qualified and specialized individuals. This diversity generates strong cross fertilization between our different business activities.

To cross skills sets and pool innovation expertise, we also form partnerships with major companies and research centers.




Our innovation tools:

We have introduced two high-performance tools dedicated exclusively to innovation: the Small Electrical Appliance (SEA) Innovation Hub and the SEB Lab. 

seb lab

the SEB Lab

Inspired by fab labs dedicated to creativity and materialization, the SEB Lab brings together tools adapted to the process of new product creation. At this experimental venue, we organize work sessions with a combination of teams from marketing, research and design, along with internal and external experts, to focus on an innovation issue. Identified ideas then become a reality in the workshop and are even tested in situ.  The objective of the SEB Lab is to increase the creative flow and detect product potential faster.



Under our lead, the FoodTech theme-based network was created. Based in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Rhone-Alpes and three French cities, and accredited by the French Ministry of the Economy, the FoodTech ecosystem aims to develop entrepreneurship, innovation and international appeal through health, environment and well-being issues related to food and diet. 

Supervised by Xavier Boidevezi, Director of the Groupe SEB Digital Workshop and voted national secretary, FoodTech brings together experts, investors, creators and public bodies concerned by these topics.


World Small Electrical Appliance Innovation Hub


In 2017, Groupe SEB launched the creation of a World SEA Innovation Hub at Ecully. The aim is to group players in the SEA innovation chain at a single site with a view to stepping up the development and launch of new products. Some 230 employees from the Marketing and Research team will be brought together at the group's world headquarters between now and summer 2018.

The project follows on from the new organization structure implemented in 2015 with, among other developments, the creation of the Product and Innovation Department.