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International expansion

international expansion

The Group has been pushing back its geographical borders for 40 years now, seeking to continuously consolidate its positions in countries by broadening its range, developing universal and local products alike, leading a powerful sales policy tailored to markets, introducing dedicated local sales teams, and reinforcing all existing distribution channels. All these initiatives serve to step up the Group's international expansion.

Pragmatism is in the key value that underpins all the Group's progress worldwide, the idea being to seek growth in structurally promising growth countries and systematically strengthen firmly established positions in mature countries.

52% Of sales


  • Adapt to the shortening of the product use life cycle by focusing on renewal and the consumers’ strong responsiveness to innovation and upscaling
  • Propose new products and services by also relying on industrial and co-development partnerships 
  • Anticipate new trends - including "home cooking", healthy diets (combining health and pleasure), personalization, the need for individual portions, and environmental concerns – with new products
  • Establish presence in alternative distribution network, and the Internet in particular.
48% Of sales

Emerging countries: markets driven by demand

  • Open up to a high-potential market: 4 billion people in the world, notably with a burgeoning middle class: 70 million people each year
  • Meet growing demand on the part of the middle classes, increasingly urbanized and with growing purchasing power 
  • Adapt to new distribution channels, especially the Internet.


  • 30000 employees
  • Present in more than150 countries
  • 41 industrial sites

Geographical breakdown of 2022 sales

Geographical breakdown of 2018 sales