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Employee commitment

Fonds Groupe SEB organizes actions to encourage employees to get involved in good causes.

Charity Boost

Charity Boost / API’ sol

Every year, the Fonds Groupe SEB makes a call to employees to submit charity projects.
API Sol’ is designed to support small-scale projects to fight exclusion which are sponsored by Groupe SEB employees. It is a way to encourage Group employees to get involved in community projects and give a helping hand to others.

The scope of the initiative was expanded outside France in 2019 under the name of Charity boost.

Charity days 

To facilitate employee engagement, Groupe SEB allows them to donate one day a year to one of the nonprofits supported by the Fonds Groupe SEB during Charity Week or during Groupe SEB France Charity Days.

The days donated to the community can take many different forms with volunteers helping out with a variety of jobs such as DIY, gardening and tidying up as well as cookery workshops and coaching for job interviews.



Each year,, the Charity Week is a highlight for mobilizing teams around the world. In its 2019 edition, 60 Group sites, from 35 countries 
have proposed a large number of initiatives: food collection and distribution, cooking workshops, meal preparation for the benefit of children and their families in precarious situations, team days in association...

"A big thank you for these initiatives, which are highly meaningful and reassuring," said an employee at the SEB Campus in Ecully.

The Fonds Groupe SEB warmly thanks all the participants of Charity Week!