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A new site for the Banque Alimentaire de Bourgogne

Banque Alimentaire de Bourgogne

Banque Alimentaire de Bourgogne


The Banque Alimentaire de Bourgogne, a Dijon-based food bank, collects over 2,400 tons of food from grocery stores and French and European agricultural surplus every year.

It then distributes that food, the equivalent of 4.6 million meals per year, every day to serve nearly 60,000 people through 169 partner charities. 

Its current center has become too small and is not up to the latest regulations on hygiene and working conditions. It is also located outside the city center in an area underserved by public transit, making it hard to reach.
The Banque Alimentaire de Bourgogne is moving out of its old 600 m² space and into a larger, more suitable space in Dijon which enjoys easy access by public transit.

With this new 4200 m² space, the food bank will be able to optimize its intake, storage and distribution activities, provide better conditions for volunteers, and develop synergies with other food aid organizations.

The Fonds Groupe SEB is contributing to the purchase of the new building. 

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