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The 75 millionth Cocotte-Minute® produced in Selongey

Selongey is the center of innovation and expertise for pressure cookers. After more than 60 years of innovation and 126 registered patents, the site has now produced more than 75 million pressure cookers! Let’s retrace the history of this iconic product from 1953 to today.


In 1953, SEB revolutionizes cooking by launching the “Super Cocotte”, the first deep-drawn pressure cooker that guarantees safe cooking at an affordable price. In 1956, a cookbook is included with the purchase. Starting in 1971, the Cocotte-Minute® gets colorful with red, orange, or flowered designs. The launch features the famous slogan, “What’s red and goes fast?” In 1985, a new factory opens in Selongey (Le Trémoloi) to produce the latest model: the “Sensor”, a faster pressure cooker with a bayonet-style opening. This innovation earns many accolades, including the Janus Industrial Design Award. In 1994, the revolution continues with the “Clipso” model, featuring a unique one-handed pressurized opening system, later updated to a one-handed handle opening system. The range then expands with the Nutricook model, which offers fast and healthy cooking while preserving vitamins. The Cocotte-Minute® continues to adapt to consumer lifestyles by launching a next-generation, 2-in-1, ultralight pressure cooker: the “ClipsoMinut’Duo”, which offers both slow cooking and ultrafast steaming. Several years later, as part of the Group’s circular economy approach, SEB launches the “ClipsoMinut’ Natural” made of 80% recycled and 90% recyclable stainless steel.

Because of the Group’s multi-brand strategy, the Selongey site produces pressure cookers that are sold in various markets under the brand names Seb, Tefal, T-fal, Lagostina, All-Clad, and the latest addition, WMF (since 2020).