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All-Clad participate in the Circular Economy with the ENCORE recrafting program

All-Clad has just launched an original service: providing restaurant customers with second-hand pans that are refurbished in the Canonsburg factory. All-Clad pans collected from chefs go through several steps to obtain impeccable results: the handle is removed, the pan is cleaned at high temperature and restaured to its original shape, the inside and outside are brushed and polished, and then the handles are re-attached with new rivets.

With this process, All-Clad can now produce second-hand pans for commercial use, that are as beautiful and effective as new ones... at half the price and with a much lower environmental impact. "With this new ENCORE range we hope to reach new chefs who will be interested in the attractive price and reduced environmental impact. This initiative also allows us to reinforce our message about the quality of All-Clad products", says Bill Groll, VP Product Development and Technology, All-Clad.

Find out more about the ENCORE recrafting program in the video below