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​Groupe SEB Andean volunteers deliver workshops to support the street coffee vendors at the Academia de Tinteros de Corazón of the Imusa-Samurai Foundation "Taller de Sueños".

Colombian coffee (called “tinto”) is part of the country’s culture and is recognized for its quality. The IMUSA - SAMURAI Foundation: “Taller de Sueños” provides daily support to the tinteros (street coffee vendors). There are nearly 11,000 of them working in the main Colombian cities. As this an unregulated profession, the tinteros and their families often face various socio-economic difficulties.

The Foundation’s "Tinteros de Corazón" program is contributing to improving the living standards of more than 6,000 street coffee vendors and 200 of them currently attend an academy where they receive two months’ training with workshops on subjects such as: life aspirations, emotional intelligence, personal finance, sales and customer service. This program is taught by volunteers from Groupe SEB Andean and other professionals.

Coffee supports social cohesion and for this reason the IMUSA - SAMURAI Foundation: “Taller de Sueños” has decided to focus on street coffee vendors to continue transforming lives, weaving stories and serving hot coffee to passers-by in the street from our IMUSA thermoses.

Taller de Sueños Imusa Samurai