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Get your crispy on with Extra Crisp!

The Groupe SEB is launching the Extra Crisp lid, a new Cookeo/Cook4me accessory that makes it easier than ever to brown, roast, fry, and cook all your favorites. This innovation brings consumers new ways of cooking healthy, crispy treats at home.  

Extra Crisp

This new product is sold in France under the Moulinex brand and priced at €79.99. The Extra Crisp launch is supported by an exciting social media activation campaign coordinated by Groupe SEB France to promote the product to consumers. Starting in the second half of 2021, the Extra Crisp will also be launched in England, Germany, and Australia under the Tefal and Krups brands, depending on the market.  

Extra Crisp
With the Extra Crisp Cookeo/Cook4me lid, make your meals crispier and try new recipes

With this new accessory, a Cookeo/Cook4me can transition from pressure cooker mode to Air Fryer technology in an instant. Hot air and optimal heat distribution produce deliciously golden, crispy results. No more preheating: the Extra Crisp is 30% faster than a traditional oven. It’s easy to use – the Extra Crisp lid fits right onto the Cookeo/Cook4me for healthy, lower-fat cooking. And its simple, intuitive digital screen provides access to four automatic settings (roast, grill, healthy frying, and dessert), as well as manual mode to unleash your creativity! It is compact for easy storage and cleaning. 
Dedicated recipes have also been created and developed in the Cookeo/Cook4me application.

The Extra Crisp is compatible with the entire 6-liter Cookeo/Cook4me line. 

Discover the Extra Crisp in video: