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Groupe SEB, committed to the circular economy

Did you know that our eco-designed pots and pans are made of 100% recycled aluminum? And that means a 60% lower carbon impact at the end of the production line. It is this eco-responsible approach that has led Groupe SEB to organize recycling operations through Tefal since 2012. This year, the brand is going even further and launching the "Let's talk about it" campaign. To mark World Recycling Day, let's take a look at this great initiative.

affiche economie circulaire

This year, Tefal is renewing its "You sort & we recycle" French operation. If you return your pots and pans to a Leclerc store, you'll get an immediate 50% discount on the "Responsible" range; the new range made of 100% recycled aluminum and manufactured in France. The aim is to boost brand awareness and position Tefal as a key player in the circular economy. To support this operation, Tefal is launching daily "Talk of the Town" (On en parle) radio broadcasts. These are short, educational messages highlighting the brand's values through the testimonies of experts and customers, followed by a systematic reference to the partner store. They're set to be broadcast on major French stations, such as Europe 1, RFM and RTL, as well as on over a dozen independent radio stations. Two other key events are scheduled for the year, in June and September.