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Groupe SEB officially opened a brand new photovoltaic solar park installed at the Lagostina S.p.A. site in Omegna. Italy.

Solar Park

The solar park consists of 3.400m² of photovoltaic panels, combining a total of 1300 panels for the moment. Together, they cover 20% of the famous Lagostina S.p.A. site’s needs. 

The inauguration officially kicks off Lagostina S.p.A.’s future into renewable energy and is completely in line with the Group’s sustainability commitments. The objective is to produce 1.000.000 kwh by the end of the third quarter of 2023 generating 35% of the Lagostina S.p.A. factory’s energy needs with a reduction of 530 tons of CO2 yearly.

Solar Park

Groupe SEB’s commitments 

With nearly 350 million products sold each year worldwide, Groupe SEB is mindful of its responsibility and has made environmental issues core to its Sustainable Development strategy. It has pledged to gradually reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, participating in the global effort to limit global warming. The two main objectives: using less energy and developing renewable energy.

In 2019, solar panels were installed at Groupe SEB headquarters in Écully with the goal of covering 20% of its energy consumption as well as at the headquarters of the subsidiary in the Netherlands. Photovoltaic electricity production began at two industrial sites in 2020: Pont-Évêque in France and Rionegro in Colombia. In Rionegro, the Group used the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) mechanism for the first time with support from public authorities. 


Aware of our responsibility in terms of the Group’s environmental footprint, we made a commitment very early on to respond to this global challenge. For already more than 10 years, Groupe SEB is transforming its production and innovation processes to successfully reduce the environmental impact of our industrial and logistics sites. In the face of the climate emergency, it is crucial to accelerate our efforts. We are proud to have opened the new solar plant park in Omegna, Italy, which is completely in line with the Group’s ambitions regarding climate change and the increased development of renewable energy. Thanks to the involvement of all our employees and sites, we are on the right way to this low-carbon path. 


Stanislas de Gramont, CEO du Groupe SEB


We are delighted to have inaugurated the first part of our new solar plant installation! The teams are working hard to complete the second part as soon as possible and I can’t wait for the whole plant to be functional, generating 35% of the Lagostina S;p.A. factory’s energy needs. Acting for the environment is a collective responsibility, and as we are very fortunate to have a favorable climate in Omegna, we are proud to be able to contribute to the Group’s strategic climate change ambitions as an important industrial player at local level. 

Fausto Milanesi, Plant Director at Lagostina S.p.A.