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IXEO Power, Powerful and intelligent

The IXEO range is enriched in this season with IXEO Power

The IXEO range is enriched in this season with IXEO Power. Powerful and intelligent, it combines the performance of a steam generator with the comfort of using a garment steamer.

Research on trends show that whatever their age, gender, or profile, 70% of consumers iron their clothes at the last minute, often in the morning and in their living room. But they are not happy with the experience: ironing boards are unattractive and take up space, while gar¬ment steamers, though faster, don’t always pro¬duce great results.

To meet these major issues of everyday life, the Group revolutionized linen care in 2018 with a unique 3-in-1 solution combining ironing and steaming with an adjustable ironing board. Today, it enriches its offer with IXEO Power, which integrates a steam generator for superior performance. Its high-pressure technology guarantees exceptional steam power and the integrated three-position Smartboard offers real comfort of use. With its removable base, it is also possible to refresh and sanitize its interior (curtains, sofa, bed linen...) by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.

IXEO Power is fully designed and manufactured in France, in our Pont-Evêque site,

IXEO Power is fully designed and manufactured in France, in our Pont-Evêque site, and will carry the Made in France label.

Combining speed, results, and design

“We designed IXEO Power to make everyday life easier for consumers, with a product that is efficient, super practical, and attractive enough to remain in the living area,” says Laure Valin, Product Project Manager, Garment Steamers. This new category primarily targets technology and design fans, usually modern young urban professionals. “Even if they don’t particularly enjoy ironing, they want their clothes to look good,” she says.


Mise en avant en magasin Italie

Innovative communication

Website, videos, in store animation, ambassadors and TV advertising campaign will accompany the launch of IXEO Power in nearly 20 countries by the end of this year.

“Men’s shirts are the most commonly ironed item today, since most other clothing or tex¬tiles are increasingly made out of wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant materials,” says Laure Va¬lin. “And men iron their own shirts most of the time.” This is why men play a key role in the com¬munications around IXEO Power. And, since these target consumers are interested in new technologies, it made sense to prioritize digital communications, with videos on YouTube, blogger testimonials, and Instagram or Facebook stories.


In France, it is an ambassador of choice that accompanies the Calor brand: Florent Manaudou, World Swimming Champion and Olympic medalist, who forsake pools for a flawless look!

IXEO Power with Florent Manaudou

“The design of IXEO range is perfectly in line with the Rowenta charter. It expresses the brand’s values: performance, care, satisfaction and elegance. We wanted the consumer to immediately understand the use and benefits of the product while making it look beautiful. This resulted in clear guidelines: dynamic lines and flexible volumes with an underlying tension that reveals the technology on the inside. For example, we designed the steam generator as a single piece to highlight its robustness. You can feel the power of the steam inside. The black/ copper and white/silver colors are used only for our Premium products. Selected by the Color, Material, Finishings team from Rowenta’s color charter, they break away from the dominant white/blue universe in linen care and express superior performance. The overall result is a balance between the reassuring expression of an efficient product and the satisfaction of a perfect result.”