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A Merry Christmas begins at WMF

The WMF brand is launching the biggest TV campaign in recent years. The aim of the “Christmas advert” is to establish the brand in customers’ minds and find it neatly packaged underneath the Christmas tree. From mid-November, the new TV advert will hit TV screens during prime time, for a period of five weeks.

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The new WMF TV advert was filmed over two days in the middle of October. In line with the slogan “A Merry Christmas begins at WMF”, the advert also begins with a festive moment: Full of joy, a young mother unwraps a Christmas gift – a water decanter. The story then runs backwards in time and we see a succulent roast being carved, espresso cups being filled, butter sizzling in the frying pan, the table is festively laid, and the father leaves a WMF store with a gift as the store employee wishes him a “Merry Christmas”...

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WMF is the perfect partner for gifts

The filming took place at the WMF store in Nuremberg and the festive scenes were shot in Munich. This TV advert is the central element of this year’s Christmas promotion and is accompanied by numerous additional media activities – mainly digital. In order to reach non-TV viewers too, four other channels will be used: online videos, addressable TV, display advertising and social media. The purpose of the advert is to activate customers during the Christmas business period and is intended to position the WMF brand as the brand for gifts.

“The core message of the advert is that WMF offers everything you need for a wonderful Christmas – from products for preparing and enjoying Christmas dinner to the perfect gift”, Dr Stephen Schuster, VP Brand Marketing & Product Communication, explains the concept. 

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The advert is broadcasted since 16 November during prime time, when viewer numbers are high such as for the programmes “Wer wird Millionär (RTL)”, “The Voice of Germany” (SAT1/Pro7) and “Kitchen Impossible” (VOX).

“We allocated a very large media budget for this – on average each customer will see the advert ten times. It is massive advertising pressure, comparable with brands like Tchibo and Nespresso”, says Dr Stephen Schuster.  

Discover the advert here