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Moulinex boasts a new website

The Moulinex website – like Tefal’s - shows a new design, more intuitive and makes the website especially mobile and tablet-friendly.

A website dedicated to users, cooking and results in the plate

This new website perfectly illustrates the new Moulinex brand signature “Cooking made easy” for those who want to cook free contsraints !  It also meets web users’ needs and expectations in terms of content and services.  

Added features on the new Moulinex website:

  • The new function of research, the « Moulisearch »: from now, web users can find the product which better correspond to their needs and desires.
  • It also allowing to consumers to express their personality and give them full rein to their imagination depending on what they fancy eating and their cookery talents.
  • Inspirational content: the “cookboards” propose to achieve delicious recipes in all simplicity, and guides the user thanks to videos, handy hints and ideas,...

A social-media sharing section #mymoulinex

And last novelty of the Moulinex website : the online accessories’ store ! From now, web user can order the accessories of its favorite products. An approach which encourage the repairability and the change of spare parts instead of the product replacement !

Indeed, web user can download the package leaflet of a product, get informed about the warranty, find out retailers where to buy the Moulinex products or reparation centers the closest from one.

Following on from Tefal, Moulinex is the second international brand to launch a new website.

This new platform is set to be rolled out in about fifteen countries since this autumn and during 2016. 

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