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A new 4.0 process on the Lourdes site

Since the beginning of the year, our Lourdes site in France has implemented a new process, developed within the scope of Core Model Manufacturing*, which involves the use of supplier labels to receive components. Today, 1 out of 4 pallets are concerned by this approach.

personne dans un chariot en train de badger un colis

The Lourdes site has set up a new system to facilitate the stocking of components. Where pallets had to be identified, labels had to be edited, sticked and flashed, now a simple flashing of the QRCode of the supplier's label is required for the computer entry of the pallets.  This approach is part of the "Industry of the Future" program, launched by the Group in 2016, which aims to transform its entire industrial perimeter by relying on digital technologies.

At the beginning of 2021, almost 40% of the pallets will enter the site thanks to this new process. Numerous advantages convinced Lourdes to choose this solution: time savings (50% time saving to receive a 50-pallet truck, i.e. 22 minutes instead of 44), reduced risk of errors, reliable traceability and reduced consumables (approximately 200,000 labels per year).

flash de QR Code

The Supply Chain team worked hand in hand with the Manufacturing Business team and the suppliers to implement this new label which contains all the necessary information: reference, quantity, pallet number, material batch number. It was also necessary to adapt the software and the internal reading material. The Purchasing teams are now fully mobilized to encourage the Group's suppliers to adopt this new label. The Group's other sites will thus be able to deploy this process, which has been tested and approved by Lourdes, more quickly and easily! 

"This new process is fully in line with our desire to eliminate non-value-added tasks and opens other doors to optimizing flows between suppliers and sites. Congratulations to all the teams who worked with determination and ambition to bring this project to a successful conclusion"

Philippe Mulet, Manufacturing Project Manager.


*Project launched in 2012 with the objective of simplifying and standardising industrial processes through a shared information and production management system.