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Provisional sales - 2015: strong growth in sales throughout the year

2015: strong growth in sales throughout the year

The global macroeconomic environment remained contrasted in 2015, with a good performance from most mature markets, a deterioration in the large emerging countries (Russia and Brazil in particular), and great tensions in certain parts of the world.

Exchange rates remained extremely volatile, marked on one hand by a substantial depreciation in some currencies (including the Russian rouble, Brazilian real, Colombian peso and Ukrainian hryvnia) and on the other hand by a strong rise in the US dollar and Chinese yuan against the Euro.

Against this backdrop, Groupe SEB posted an excellent year in 2015, with vigorous revenue growth, confirmed quarter after quarter. At €4,770 million, sales were up 12.1%, of which 8.0% on a like-for-like basis. Business remained brisk in the fourth quarter, up 9.3%, of which 7.2% on an organic basis, despite tougher market conditions in Brazil and Russia, as anticipated.

This robust growth was healthy, generated by all regions and all product categories. It reflects a highly dynamic core business driven by many champion products as well as an important flow of loyalty programmes organized in partnership with major retailers. It was also fueled by increased investments in growth drivers, especially at the end of the year.

The sales growth of 12.1% (€517 million) breaks down as follows:

  • like-for-like growth of 8% (+€340 million), generated by volumes, prices and the product mix;
  • currency effect of 3.5% (+€149 million), resulting from the positive impact of the dollar and yuan, notably, and the negative impact of the real, rouble and peso in particular;
  • scope effect of 0.6% (+€28 million), arising from the integration as from September 1, 2015, of the newly acquired Scandinavian company OBH Nordica.

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Provisional sales - 2015