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As Groupe SEB's electronics development center, the Saint-Lô plant is adding a new production line and diversifying its know-how. The industrial site, which employs around 100 people, now manufactures even more complex electronic cards for the professional coffee machines of the premium brand WMF.

60,000 components per hour... That's the speed of the new SMD (Surface Mounted Component) production line at Groupe SEB's Saint-Lô plant. This new line is used to assemble complex electronic cards for WMF professional coffee machines. The 1.2-million-euro investment was supported by the Normandy Region, counting for 25% of the total investment.

Saint-Lô plant

A future-oriented industrial site

The Saint-Lô site currently produces nearly 5 million electronic cards per year, corresponding to 10 to 15% of Groupe SEB's needs. These cards are mainly destined for French production sites. Between the end of 2023 and 2024, in order to secure the supply chain, a relocation of part of the European and Chinese production is planned and will increase production up to 7 million electronic cards per year.

The Saint-Lô site also specializes in man-machine interfaces, particularly for products specifically developed for consumers such as the Companion from Moulinex or the Perfection automatic coffee machine from WMF. The Group is now also considering developing these interfaces at Saint-Lô for the professional coffee sector.



About the Saint-Lô site:
Created in 1971, the Saint-Lô site specializes in the manufacturing of electronic cards for Groupe SEB. In 2001, the Group bought Moulinex-Krups and integrated the site. In 2011, Saint-Lô became the Groupe SEB Electronic Development Center. The teams carry out the design, industrialization, and production of high value-added electronic cards for all Groupe SEB production sites. In 2021, nearly 5 million electronic cards were manufactured. Comprising a design office and a factory, the Saint-Lô site is a dynamic local player in terms of training and recruitment. In total, the site employs nearly 100 people, including 23 people in the design office.