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Schaerer, the passion of coffee revealed

Providing employees and partners all over the world with guidelines on how to tell a consistent story about Schaerer’s passion for coffee, this is the goal of the new Brand image “We love it your way”.

Our new slogan "We love it your way" says what has set our company apart from the very beginning: We focus on our customers and their individuality as well as offer them machine and service concepts customized to their coffee operations, helping them express their uniqueness and serve their guests the best possible cup of coffee.
CEO of Schaerer

As one of the leading providers of integrated, fully automatic coffee and milk solutions, Schaerer is recognized for its coffee competence and technical mastery. A knowledge it is proud of sharing with customers and partners worldwide. For this, the brand relies on a Swiss entrepreneurial spirit and precision combined with flexibility and coffee competence. These three core brand values, “swiss”, “flexibility” and “coffee competence” now have their own icons and they can be found throughout all our communication media.

Schaerer publicity "We love it your way"

The new Brand Book, developed with Studio Volpi, is a means of getting everyone at Schaerer — whether in Zuchwil, Geislingen or our sales subsidiaries — as well as our international partners committed to our brand philosophy. A complete reference work, it describes the brand personality, values, appearance and language. An example of an important design element found throughout all our communication media is the new “Schaerer wave”. Its shape was developed from the curves in the letter “e” in the Schaerer logo.

Do you know the brand’s history?

27-year-long history of innovation and technological excellence

Schaerer publicity "We love it your way"

Standing for pioneering spirit, passion and Swiss coffee competence, Schaerer’s values are founded on its roots. Maurice Schaerer started his industrial venture in 1892 producing mobile sanitizing equipment for surgical instruments and hospital equipment. He developed a deep culture of precision engineering, innovation and technology excellence. The constant quest for perfection that still pervades the company today derives from that imprinting. Schaerer’s first coffee machine dates back to 1924, using his extensive knowledge of metal processing and the handling of hot water and steam in small technical equipment. It was an instant success. In the post WWI era, the world was longing for enjoyment and luxury after the hardships of war. A success that keeps growing today, with Schaerer’s presence in over 70 countries.

Schaerer Coffee Soul, tailored to your business

Designed as an extension of "We love it your way", Schaerer launches its new « Coffee Soul » coffee maker. Thanks to the clever "Select" concept, it is more flexible than ever before. Its new design, two models (10 & 12) and three user interfaces integrated fit your exact needs. No matter where the Soul is located, it blends seamlessly into the environment and brews customised coffee beverages.