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An enduring partnership

For the past 20 years, the renowned British chef and leading cookware brand have been promoting home cooking with inspiring recipes and quality cookware and kitchenware. Together, under the co-brand Jamie Oliver by Tefal, they are making sure cooking at home is easy, joyful and delicious.

Joining forces in 2003, the partnership has strengthened over the years, with an expansion from pots and pans to all cooking categories in 2021, and from 13 countries to a worldwide scope. Jamie Oliver by Tefal offers beautifully designed pans, as well as top quality knives, bakeware and iconic kitchenware, including the granite pestle & mortar that Jamie loves to use.

Tefal x Jamie Oliver cooking

In 2024, the co-brand will launch its exciting new ceramic pan range, with an innovative and top performing non-stick surface. Exciting small kitchen appliances are in preparation, too.

More than 30 million products have been sold since the partnership started, in over 50 countries, proving the success of such a meaningful collaboration.

Tefal x Jamie Oliver knife and cutting board

A joint commitment

The Jamie Oliver Group strives to improve everyone’s happiness and confidence in the kitchen through the joy of food and has been driving positive change across the food industry for almost two decades. This belief in business being a force for good saw the Jamie Oliver Group achieve the prestigious B Corp status in July 2020.

As Groupe SEB is also taking very ambitious steps to make its operations carbon-neutral by 2050, together they are helping to lead the way to a better future. 

Switching to recycled material: Conscious that the biggest part of carbon emissions at production stage comes from the use of virgin substrate, and willing to reduce their impact on the environment, Jamie and Tefal switched all their pots & pans to recycled material from January 2023, whether it’s aluminium or stainless steel.

Reducing packaging: The brand has shifted away from single-use plastics and polystyrene in packaging in favour of recyclable materials. By introducing new types of boxes where possible, it reduced cardboard usage and shipment volumes. All cardboard is made with a minimum of 90% recycled fibre.

Streamlining the clean-up: Introducing products aimed at reducing washing up, such as the all-in-one pan and the big batch pan, has simplified everyday cooking and minimised the need for extensive cleaning up, and so reducing water consumption in the home.

Encouraging batch cooking: Jamie Oliver by Tefal launched the big batch pan with a practical batch cooking recipe booklet, making the cost-effective cooking technique easier to do and helping to reduce waste.

Supporting the next generation: Tefal supports Jamie in his fight for better school food in the UK. In 2023, Jamie launched the Good School Food Awards, celebrating eight exceptional educators, caterers and students from across the UK who make a real difference in the school catering space and promote healthy eating.

Tefal x Jamie Oliver celebrating

"It's been a remarkable 20 years of cooking, creativity and collaboration with Tefal. I couldn't be prouder of our achievements."

 Jamie Oliver



About Jamie Oliver Group:

Set up by our visionary founder, The Jamie Oliver Group is a global and integrated food brand with a mission to help build a healthier, happier world through the joy of food. From media and restaurants to products, partnerships - including YesChef, a home cooking learning platform - and Ministry of Food, every part of our diverse business has an important role to play in making it easier for people to cook and enjoy better, healthier and more sustainable meals. As a proud B Corp, we are committed to educating and inspiring people, workplaces, schools and communities all over the world, to help make better choices, one meal at a time.

About Tefal:

Founded in 1956, Tefal has been constantly innovating to make life simpler for thousands of consumers. From the non-stick pan to a full range of small electrical appliances for the kitchen, the brand's products are known throughout the world. 
The acquisition by Groupe SEB in 1968 added an international dimension, while also reinforcing its leadership position in France and extending its product portfolio from cookware to kitchenware and small domestic appliances. The brand has become synonymous of conviviality with a range of products such as pancake makers, raclette and fondue sets, and even barbecues.