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Tinteros Day: a great success for Groupe SEB Colombia!

 Journée des Tinteros IMUSA Colombie

In December, Groupe SEB Colombia organized a special event for around 2,000 “Tinteros” in various cities across the country. “Tinteros” are Colombian street coffee vendors and 80% of them use our IMUSA thermos in their everyday work. 

The purpose of the nationwide event was to publicize their activity, promote the IMUSA brand and boost customer loyalty. 

Groupe SEB Colombia and the Foundation Imusa-Samurai Taller de Sueños were joined by different partners this year. Local businesses including Riopaila, Noel, Colcafé and Colanta donated 6,000 packets of sugar, 2,000 packets of biscuits, 7,000 packets of coffee and 350 liters of milk. 

Many thanks to everyone who participated in “Tinteros Day” across Colombia and contributed to its resounding success!

Mobilisation des salariés Imusa Journée des Tinteros


Supporting the social entrepreneurship of the “Tinteros”

Today, the number of “Tinteros” is estimated at almost 30,000 in Colombia. To support them and help them to improve their quality of life, which is often precarious, Groupe SEB Colombia and the foundation has a program called Academia Tinteros de Corazón. This program has launched several campaigns: dental care campaigns, buying school supplies for children, training, setting up cooperatives, etc. Teams have also come up with a thermos model that is better adapted to their requirements, to help them keep coffee hot for as long as possible, as well as a special transport trolley and a folding chair. The program now supports 2,000 “Tinteros” and their families.