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WMF: cutlery donation to nurseries and day-care centers

WMF recently donated more than 600 sets of children's cutlery to Geislingen's day-care centers, finding that most of them lacked cutlery suitable for toddlers. These products were distributed by WMF's work-study students.

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From stocks of unsold or discontinued products, these sets have been given a second life thanks to the teams in charge of donations but also the WMF training teams. A total of 16 nurseries and day-care centers benefited from 624 cutlery sets.

Distribution of donations by students

In cooperation with the Vocational Training Specialist, work-study students at WMF volunteered to distribute the products and allow the children to quickly start using the new cutlery and learn the right gestures.


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At the nurseries Evangelische Kindergarten Niemöller and Kinderhaus der kleinen Siedlungsstrolche, the sets are proving very popular there for snack breaks and cookery days. A snack box is also given as a welcome gift to new arrivals.  In Weiler, the donations served as Christmas gifts for the children. The educators were extremely grateful: " We really appreciate this very valuable donation. A children’s cutlery set also has a great deal of emotional value and we and the children are all delighted with it". St. Sebastian's day-care center has its own chef, so food is an important subject and the new cutlery will be a nice surprise for the children. The Oberlin day-care center was also delighted because, until now, the children had to use adult cutlery. Now they will be able to learn how to use a fork, knife and spoon correctly. Finally, the nursery Waldorf Kindergarten in Geislingen acknowledges this donation and the quality of the WMF products: cutlery was donated 30 years ago and is still in use today!

The distributions took place in strict compliance with the sanitary measures related to the coronavirus: the students handed over the donations without any direct contact with the children and educators without marring this great moment of sharing and pleasure.