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WMF showered with prizes

The WMF brand continues to stand for excellent design – in the truest sense of the word. A number of products in the Consumer business have already received prestigious design awards in 2020. The majority of them were created by the internal WMF Design Studio.  

ménagère WMF Kineo
WMF Kineo cutlery scores with Red Dot 

The new WMF Kineo cutlery set has been selected in the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 competition as “Winner Best of the Best”. This means that the WMF brand’s new design language, which was introduced for the first time at Ambiente, has already been awarded two prizes in internationally renowned product design competitions. In the jury’s view, the WMF Kineo cutlery, developed by the WMF Design Studio, looks refreshingly new, with its finely finished, subtle design. With form and function working in harmony, it has a contemporary effect and brings nobility to any dinner table, they said. It is also well balanced and elegant when held in the hand. 


Design Award 2020

Multiple successes at the iF Design Award

As was the case last year, several products impressed the jury at the iF Design Award. These successes are an affirmation of the product characteristics of the WMF brand, as a combination of design and functionality: 


faitouts WMF Compact Cuisine
-    WMF Compact Cuisine

Clever storage, with no restrictions in equipment. The high and low casseroles with the same diameter can be stacked inside each other. And the pots also offer impressive functionality: they are equipped with hollow handles that do not get hot, even after long cooking times. The internally designed product series has already garnered a German Design Award


Gourdes et bouteilles WMF Waterkant
-    WMF Waterkant 

The products from the WMF Waterkant series are perfect everyday companions, which – thanks to three individually interchangeable drinking attachments, various materials and different sizes – can be adapted not only to every taste but also every requirement. The Waterkant bottles and attachments can be combined as required – the environmentally friendly alternative to disposable products.


Plats à four WMF
-    WMF Oven collection

The WMF Oven collection from the WMF Design Studio shines with a tasteful wooden serving frame, creating a sensation at the table. The Oven collection is available in two versions incorporating the unique WMF technology, both of which offer impressive special features: the WMF Fusiontec Oven series is modular, multi-functional and representative – the WMF Profi Resist Ovenware is scratch resistant, stackable and heat resistant.


Pichets isothermes WMF Kineo
-    WMF Kineo insulation jugs

The new WMF Kineo insulation jugs won the iF Design Gold Award 2020. The double-walled vacuum stainless steel insulation jugs from WMF (André Stocker Design) were developed to keep tea and coffee hot (or cold). With an innovative “click-in” lid solution, they are easy to use, but also very robust and reliable. All parts can be easily separated to ensure proper cleaning. The iconic design is elegant with a clear focus on usability and durability.