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World raclette day

It’s raclette time! Did you know that between October and February, a raclette set rolls off our production line at Marigny-Saint-Marcel in Haute-Savoie, France every 22 seconds to the delight of cheese lovers? To celebrate World Raclette Day on December 13, we are taking a look back at the crème de la crème of Group innovations.

chronologie appareils à raclette

In the middle of the seventies, Tefal decided to make Raclette de Savoie available to everyone and invented a new way of communal eating: food is prepared directly on the table and the emphasis is on sharing. In 1978, the first round raclette set with 6 non-stick pans was launched. Product innovations came thick and fast to keep cheese lovers happy. There was a “me and you” model for two people in 1982 and a dual-function model first with a grill in 1983 then with a hot cooking stone in 1991. 2001 saw the arrival of a new generation of compact models for raclette “on the go”. New appliances joined the range with the acquisition of Moulinex that same year and, in 2002, a raclette set was released with ten pans. A space-saving feature – integrated cord storage – was added in 2007 and in 2011, discerning raclette fans were able to buy table “centerpiece” models using authentic materials such as wood, glass and stone. Later additions to the Group - OBH Nordica (2015) and WMF (2016) – opened up new markets.  In more recent years, the focus has been on Premium products such as the acclaimed WMF Lono raclette/grill ranked number one by the Stiftung Warentest consumer association in Germany.


Tefal is the big cheese in the raclette set market and sells hundreds of thousands of products each year. But the brand intends to continue milking the opportunity. At the end of this year, it will be launching a “Gourmet” high-end raclette set with three functions (raclette, grill and plancha) and deeper pans giving users a chance share creative meals all year long.

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To do raclette the proper way, take your best raclette set and let your imagination run free: cheese, charcuterie, vegetables, potatoes, condiments, etc. There are countless possibilities. Enjoy!