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The next General Meeting of Groupe SEB will take place on Thursday 10 May 2012 at 2.30pm at the Palais Brongniart, Place de la Bourse, Paris 2ème, Grand Auditorium.

The General Meeting provides an opportunity for the Group to communicate information and engage in dialogue with its shareholders. By taking part, the shareholder is informed of the economic performance, the financial situation, the management and the strategy adopted by the Group.

But the General Meeting is above all the place where the shareholders can exercise their decision-making power through the voting of the resolutions. Each SEB Group shareholder, whatever the number of shares that they hold, has the possibility of participating in the General Meeting:

  • All the holders of registered shares receive at their home address the invitation to attend the General Meeting. This document is also available for downloading in the Shareholders’ corner of the site
  • The bearer shareholders must contact their financial intermediary in order to obtain a participation certificate.

If a shareholder is unable to attend the General Meeting, he or she may:

  • Either give a proxy to the Chairman to vote in their name;
  • Or mandate their spouse or another shareholder who will be present at the General Meeting to represent them and vote in their name;
  • Or vote by mail.

For more information on the rules for participation and for voting, please consult the information documents and the archives, download the forms, or watch the videos, visit the Annual General Meeting’s corner on


Watch the webcast !

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