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An American brand acquired by the Group in 2004, All-Clad proposes very top of the range cookware articles that are now available in Europe

Unique Know-how

An American company specialised in co-rolling – a technique that consists of assembling different layers of metal with complementary properties – since the Sixties, All-Clad has capitalised on its know-how and its expert knowledge in materials to grow its business as of 1971 in top of the range cookware articles. Synonymous with exceptional heat conductivity, resistance, nobility of the materials and design, All-Clad has become a reference in terms of cookware articles of professional quality in the United States.

A specific feature of the All-Clad articles, the co-rolling of the different metals makes it possible to achieve superior product performance. The All-Clad frying pans and saucepans from the Stainless® Steel, Stainless with D5 technology TM and Copper-Core® collections offer unprecedented advantages to the user in terms of the cooking performance:

  • Stainless® Steel: a combination of three metals offering properties of a very high level.
  • Stainless with D5 technology TM: unique patented technology, designed for perfect heat dissemination and distribution: excellence, for slow cooking, notably on induction hobs.
  • Copper-Core®: products composed of a copper core that ensures homogeneous and ultra-fast heat distribution and dissemination.

All-Clad has an industrial site in the United States, in Canonsburg, the production volumes of which exceeded 1.2 billion parts in 2011. All-Clad’s know-how and its industrial expertise was the subject of a news story within the scope of the American programme “Made in America” that you can discover below. « Made in America ».


Serving the Great Chefs…

Since 2008, All-Clad has been a partner of the Bocuse d’Or: the most prestigious international cooking contest that takes place in Lyon each year within the scope of the SIRHA (The International Hotel Catering and Food Trade Exhibition).

For the 2013 edition of the Bocuse d’Or, the All-Clad brand has renewed its commitment to the chefs and will support the various stages of the selection process all over the world (France, Australia, Japan, United-States, etc.) by making available its cookware articles during the contests.

Moreover, All-Clad and the Bocuse d’Or brand have joined forces to set in place a digital initiative that aims at promoting the partnership and the contest. A WebTV will propose around forty weekly episodes entitled “Bocuse d’Or All-Clad Weekly News”. The programme will be broadcast on YouTube,,…


… and demanding consumers

For the launch of the All-Clad UK and France Internet sites, the brand gave bloggers the opportunity to take part in a cooking contest in two prestigious locations.

The first session of the European All-Clad Tour took place in the UK on 9 January at Whatley Manor.

The 7 February last saw the French edition of the European All-Clad Tour: it brought together the most influential French bloggers on the Web in the gourmet, luxury and design sector within the scope of a prestigious kitchen workshop: the bloggers were given the chance to make a recipe alongside Michel Portos, a chef from a highly reputed establishment, using utensils of the All-Clad brand in the kitchens of the two star Michelin restaurant, the Relais & Châteaux Saint-James in Bouliac, near Bordeaux.

Having donned their aprons, the bloggers rose, in teams, to the challenge of sublimely adapting one of Michel Portos’ recipes using All-Clad ustensils. They were hence able to fully measure the performance of the products and exchange advice and tricks of the trade.

A highly enriching adventure that gave the eight bloggers the desire to live new experiences and talk to others about them!!

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