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With the acquisition of WMF in 2016 and Wilbur Curtis in early 2019, Groupe SEB became a key player in the Professional coffee market and confirms its determination to pursue its expansion in this sector with both fully automatic machines, filters or hybrids, connected.

The professionnal  segment is completed by an extensive and diversified premium Hotel Equipment offering.

In early October, the acquisition of Krampouz, a French company that designs, produces and markets crepe makers, waffle makers, planchas and grills for professionals and consumers,  enhanced its Professional and premium Consumer ranges.

Flagship products

  • WMF 9000s
  • Schaerer Coffee Club
  • WMF Auberge Jug
  • HEPP Chafing Dish
  • HEPP Profile
  • Crep maker Billig
  • Plancha Duo K