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Key figures 2022
  • 2 bn direct spend
  • 66% global purchasing coverage by the panel of direct suppliers
  • 500 panel of direct suppliers for manufacturing supplies

Our purchasing covers three types of needs:

  • production purchasing: materials (metals, plastics, paper and cardboard for packaging, etc.) and components (parts, sub-assemblies, etc.) for manufacturing
  • non-production purchasing (transport and logistics, services, IT systems, travel, etc.)
  • the purchase of finished products

Purchasing is generally managed at Group level via a panel of suppliers and shared purchasing platforms by product family worldwide. Pooling purchases has a number of advantages:

  • optimized negotiations with suppliers through higher volumes
  • standardized materials and components for more quality
  • flexibility between sites 

Our Purchasing Department is in charge of negotiations with suppliers on prices, quality, punctuality and ethics.

It selects our suppliers based on two criteria:

By developing real partnerships with our suppliers, we can involve them in our progress processes and competitiveness targets.



The top priority when it comes to ethics is to enforce the laws in force in each country where Groupe SEB operates.