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Recycled materials

Increase the proportion of recycled raw materials in our products


Groupe SEB uses more and more recycled materials in its products. At year-end 2019, for products manufactured in-house, it had already exceeded its target set in 2013 of incorporating 20% recycled materials in new products and packaging by 2020, achieving 35%. The target is now 50% by 2023. It also made a specific commitment on recycled plastics, with the goal of doubling the annual use in France by 2025 compared to 2017 (subject to any changes in applicable regulations that might impact this strategy).


Metals: more recycled aluminum in cookware

As regards metals, across all products, most of the stainless steel used by the Group is already from recycled sources. This rate is 80% in cookware (utensils, frying pans, saucepans, stewing pots, pressure cookers, etc.).

Using recycled aluminum produces 90% less greenhouse gases than primary aluminum and consumes 20 times less energy.

poele tefal eco respect

In 2009, the Natura cookware range was the first made from 100% recycled aluminum and three years later, in 2012, Tefal established the first recycling system for cookware in France.

Of products recently put on the market, the Eco Respect and Resource frying pan ranges, which also use 100% recycled aluminum, won the Grand Prix de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Marques in April 2019 (France).

Recycled plastic: significant progress

The Group’s recycled plastics strategy began 10 years ago with the Enjoy utensils, made from 95% recycled PET.

Gamme enjoy pet recyclé

It has since continued to ramp up efforts in this area, led by the Purchasing, Quality, Standards and Environment and Research departments in liaison with the Industry and Marketing departments: cooperation with recyclers to improve the quality of the plastics in question, verifying their regulatory compliance, performing injection and prototype testing, launching pre-production runs, etc.

Compared to plastics from oil, recycled plastics reduces the impact on global warming by nearly 70%.
In 2015, the Group was a pioneer in France, setting up the first circular economy loop for small electrical appliances, with Veolia and the Ecosystem eco-organization. This cooperation led to the first steam generator with a polypropylene casing made from recycled electrical and electronic appliances

Silence steam

This cooperation led to the first steam generator with a polypropylene casing made from recycled electrical and electronic appliances, produced in Pont-Evêque (Silence Steam, Rowenta).


Preparations are also being made to integrate this same recycled polypropylene in the steam irons produced in Erbach (Germany).

The list of products incorporating recycled plastic is growing each year: raclette grills, fans, meat mincers, shredder, up to and including some EMSA Landhaus plant pot ranges made from diaper production scraps.. , etc. A dozen new products are on the way.


- 50% of recycled materials in Group products (including packaging)
- Double the amount of recycled plastic in products manufactured in France (2017 base)