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Develop sustainable high-quality jobs in catering for people with disabilities

Soli’vers, a cooperative collective-interest company (SCIC), provides global support services (administration, accounting, IT, training, etc.) to member companies in the sheltered employment sector. It also has a special engineering unit that creates digital training tools and creates social innovation projects.


Vertu’Ose, a sheltered-sector company and member of the SCIC, runs a fast-food catering service based primarily on local and seasonal produce in two shops in the Alsace region. Vertu’ose is looking to extend its model to other areas with local players. To do so, it called on Soli'vers to develop training tools and an e-learning database, financed by the Fund, on the theme of cooking recipes.

Vertu’Ose is supported by Bruno Blancho, Head of Groupe SEB's Cooking Workshop, in the development of recipes on the basis of group products.


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