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Sustainable innovation

Empower our customers to adopt sustainable lifestyles thanks to our products and services.


Since the Group’s origins, we have always placed innovation at the heart of the Group’s strategy to better satisfy and anticipate consumer needs. This allows us to support them towards more responsible consumption patterns that increasingly resonate with many of them.

Sustainable Development is now integrated by our innovation teams (R&D, Design and Marketing), in order to gradually design a range of products and services with a positive impact on people's lives and the planet. We are exploring new business models with a positive social and environmental impact, and we meet current and future consumer expectations, which favour healthier and more sustainable lifestyles in their daily lives.

alimentation saine legumineuse

Cooking for good

Because eating well is essential for staying healthy and aging well and meals are often an opportunity to share good times with family or friends, we want to make healthy and tasty home-made food accessible to all thanks to products and services that simplify everyday cooking and encourage sharing. All over the world, we help answer the question “what shall we eat today?” while being sure to offer a balanced, good and healthy meal that is prepared easily and without stress. We also aim to ensure that the solutions proposed contribute to a more responsible diet, promoting practices with less environmental impact.




Because our home is where we like to spend time, where we have our family, our children, but because it is also where we want to grow old, we felt it was important to design products and services for a healthier home where we can live longer.
We are therefore working on significant innovations on two levels: cleaning up indoor air on the one hand, and on the other hand, products designed with more inclusive ergonomics, so that everyone can use them regardless of their age and physical condition.



Mindful of our responsibilities to consumers – an integral part of our code of ethics – we are committed to proposing top-quality products with every guarantee as to safety and harmlessness. We comply with all the standards and regulations relating to our products in our different markets.




- 1 program to make homemade food accessible to everyone
- 1 healthy and sustainable recipe charter for the recipes in our products
- Develop a range of Inclusive-design products
- Create a program to raise awareness about healthy home