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Director - member of the Founder Group, member of GÉNÉRACTION

Aged 46.

Date of first appointment: 2019

End date of term office : 2023

Thierry Lescure holds a Master’s degree in Business Law and Taxation from Panthéon-Assas University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from IAE Paris. He also completed an Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management program at Wharton School and an Advanced Asset Management program at INSEAD. After working as a consultant at Tefal UK in London in 1999, Thierry Lescure joined Yahoo! France in 2001 as a Finance Producer in charge of  Yahoo! Finance channel, before serving as Head of E-Commerce. In 2004, he joined Yahoo! Europe where he was in charge of Yahoo! automotive channels. He left this company in 2006 to become Chief Digital Officer at Reed Business Information (Reed Elsevier Group) to create new growth drivers in France and Europe. He then went on to invest in and coach innovative start-ups. In 2016, he joined Premium Assets family office in Geneva (Switzerland) as Senior Asset Manager.

Other current offices and positions as of 12/31/2020:

> Member of the Diversification Committee of FCL Investissements
> Member of the Committee Capital II of 50 Partners
> Member of the Executive Committee GÉNÉRACTION