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Consumers at the heart of innovation


To best respond to the needs and uses of our consumers, we have placed them at the heart of our innovation strategy:

  • We carry out numerous studies with a view to launching products adapted to local specifics
  • We include customers in the creative process to gain direct feedback on products and their design, taste, ease of use, and so on.


The SEB & You program


Launched in December 2015, SEB & You directly involves consumers in the innovation process. Created and run by our Consumer & Market Intelligence Department in collaboration with the marketing teams, the SEB & You consumer community is tasked with testing new concepts and innovation avenues.
The advantage for Groupe SEB is being able to dialogue with a representative panel of consumers and users and receive direct feedback. Thanks to SEB & You, some 750 products were tested last year by more than 2 300 members.


Adapting to local specifics

Because consumers have a broad range of needs and desires, and because these last change in line with major social trends in terms of values, behavior and purchasing power, the group strives on a constant basis to combine a global strategy, founded on universal products that can be marketed around the world, and a local approach, adapted to lifestyles in specific markets. This is particularly true in the field of cooking, in which a form of globalized food exists side by side with a deeply-entrenched local food culture.

For example, coffee consumption is rising considerably worldwide, including in traditionally tea-drinking countries. But tastes, and hence the type of coffee consumed, are extremely varied. Coffee is served hot, cold, short, long, black, white and small white, along with coffee-based specialties. The situation calls for a consummate understanding of local particularities and the ability to adapt to demand and offer a suitable range of machines, including manual and automatic filter machines, piston machines, capsule machines and espresso machines (pump, percolator, automatic). The breadth, depth and diversity of the range thus become key differentiating factors, calling for a coordinated product development policy and targeted communication.

More broadly, innovation can be global and rolled out locally to take specific or local characteristics on board, accompanied by organized and structured international implementation.

- Ventilateur repellente (anti-moustiques) conçu et développé au Brésil. Elargissement international potentiel avec la propagation de virus transmis par les moustiques
- Adaptation de la forme et de la taille des articles culinaires en fonction des habitudes alimentaires. Utilisation accrue du wok dans les pays européens, profondeur adaptée des poêles, etc.
- Freemove mini au Japon 
- High speed blender en Chine, le plus sophistiqué des blenders, avec un potentiel international certain.