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In all its countries, the Group fosters the community-mindedness of its employees and their commitment to charity organizations, whether on a personal basis or as part of initiatives led by the group via its subsidiaries or Fonds Groupe SEB. Since 2007, the group has focused its patronage policy on the fight against exclusion.

Fonds Groupe SEB, mainly active in France, provides support (financial, product donations, volunteer work) to projects aimed at social reinsertion. Fonds Groupe SEB concentrates on insertion through work, education/training, housing, and access to a healthy diet. It also works in favor of people in difficulty due to health problems.


The Board of Directors of Fonds Groupe SEB

The Board rules on the strategic policy directions of Fonds Groupe SEB. It is composed of representatives of the founding members (all of Groupe SEB's French companies) and qualified external individuals.

  • Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise : Chairman of Groupe SEB; Chairman of Fonds Groupe SEB.
  • Bruno Labrosse: Vice-President, Mergers and Acquisitions, Treasurer of the Fonds Groupe SEB
  • Delphine Segura Vaylet : Senior Executive VP, Human Resources; Secretary of Fonds Groupe SEB.
  • Anissa Djaadi: Director Philanthropy Group, General Delegate of the Fonds Groupe SEB
  • Chantal Monvois : Philanthropy and CSR consultant, former Managing Director of the AgroParisTECH Foundation
  • Véronique de Montlivault : Director of Rhône Développement Initiative

The Operational Committee

The Operational Committee reviews and selects the projects presented to  Fonds Groupe SEB. It is made up of group employees chosen for their diverse skill sets and their awareness of community-minded initiatives. The Operational Committee meets at least twice a year

The team

The team guides and coordinates the worldwide patronage initiatives and operational activities of Fonds Groupe SEB. To that end, the patronage team relies on correspondents in the group's countries and at its international sites.