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To make consumers' everyday lives easier and more enjoyable and contribute to better living around the world


 By creating new products and services that make your domestic life more pleasant, harmonious and fulfilling;

 By bringing you solutions that meet your existing needs and anticipating your personal desires and aspirations.

To provide consumers with articles that contribute to their better living, we roll out a long-term strategy that consists in striking the right balance between growth and competitiveness.

Relying on robust fundamentals and passionate and motivated teams, the Group can go through turbulent times with serenity and agility, seize all possible growth opportunities and focus on excellence in execution, while boosting its competitiveness and performance.


Driven by the deep-seated values handed down to us by our founders, we strive to respect a company philosophy founded on a sense of responsibility, solidarity and commitment.
Our Group strategy is based on five powerful values: entrepreneurial drive, a passion for innovation, professionalism, Group spirit and respect for people.

entrepreneurial drive

It is through the entrepreneurial drive having motivated our managers and teams from the start that Groupe SEB has successfully met the multiple challenges that have fueled its growth. This drive goes hand in hand with a spirit of initiative and measured risk-taking, underpinned by proactiveness and common sense. Commitment, tenacity and perseverance are vital to managing change while maintaining a certain perspective and a long-term vision. And because success can only result from collective action, collaborative efforts between our teams and the full use of the Group's networks play a decisive role in the success of our projects.


Innovation is central to our history. From the Super Cocotte pressure cooker and the Dymbo vacuum cleaner to non-stick coating, the self-cleaning iron sole plate and the Cuisine Companion, it is our innovative momentum that has made Groupe SEB grow. This innovation is driven by our drive to improve and simplify the everyday lives of consumers. Drawing on numerous sources, this innovation is fueled by new technologies, creativity and a forward-looking approach to new consumer trends, as well as boldness to embrace disruptions.


The culture of appreciating "work well done" cultivated by our founders concerns each one of our businesses and is guided by quality-based management. At Groupe SEB, we cultivate a results-focused culture requiring rigor and method at all levels. From the design and manufacture to the marketing of a product, our professionalism is expressed in a shared expertise of the trade, in the search for excellence and in our continuous improvement policy.

respect for people

Humanists from the start, we have made listening and respect for people our priorities. To foster our employees’ sense of fulfillment, we make commitments over the long-term, both with our staff (through training, career support, recognition, upskilling and personal enrichment) and our external partners. For us, respect for people encompasses social responsibility in-house as much as societal responsibility regarding the company's environment.

Group spirit

Our Group spirit is underpinned by the ambitions shared by all our employees, who make up a truly "global team". That team has been expanded and diversified over the years to produce a great multicultural richness. Today we are taking full advantage of this wealth by sharing best practices and in-house expertise. Collaborative efforts between our teams and the full use of the Group's networks play a decisive role in the success of our projects. Lastly, at each one of our structures, the transparency and clarity of information create a feeling of trust conducive to creativity and individual initiative.